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Products and product lines

General overview of all Eccotarp products and product lines. The products are clearly classified into appropriate categories. You can use two filters for a quick search - one to display only one selected product category, the other to display the area in which Eccotarp products are used. Both filters can be combined.

Rollers for fire hoses

  • Electric roller for fire hoses up to 5" ET-Roller 5

  • Electric Roller for fire hoses up to¬†5" ET-Roller¬†6 powered by 18 V aku batteries

Portable collapsible spill bunds

  • Collapsible spill bund ECCOTARP

  • Collapsible Spill Bund UNIQUE

  • Collapsible Spill Bund CARGO

  • Collapsible spill bund DECON

  • Collapsible spill bund RAIL

  • Collapsible spill bund ANTISTATIC

Large collapsible folding pools

  • Large Surface Folding Pool LARGE

  • Large Surface Folding Pool HEAVY DUTY

  • Collapsible container for quenching and cooling electric cars

Emergency containers

  • Emergency container EC 01 and EC 02

  • Collapsible Flexible Utility Tray FASTER

High capacity tank

  • High capacity tank with collapsible structure

  • Collapsible containment tank

Drain covers

  • Magnetic Drain Cover MDC

  • Foldable Drain Cover FDC

Dispenser Carts

  • Foldable Dispenser Cart SDC 03 Plus

  • Metal Sorbent Dispenser Cart SDC 05

Protective screens

  • Magnetic ET Flexi protective screen for door frames

  • ET Flexi protective screen with structure for fixing to desktop


  • Folding drip collection tray with exchangeable absorbent lining

  • Industrial Folding Funnel IFF

  • Impermeable emergency barrel insert

  • Facade drainage slot

  • Decontamination foot floor mats

  • Floor ET Barrier

  • Temperature alarm