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About us

The ECCOTARP brand indicates a unique portfolio of products developed and manufactured by METAL ARSENAL. These are products combining metal components with plastic foils (PVC). The flagship of the product portfolio is the collapsible spill bund, which is used to capture liquid hazardous chemicals and to protect the environment. To maintain quality, products with the requirements of utility models No. 22228 and trademark No. 010125041 are protected.

Why us

Because we do our work responsibly and on quality machines. We strive to constantly improve our technologies and deliver new possibilities to our customers.

Because our customers matter to us. We want them to get the best products for their money.

Because we are not afraid of non-standard contracts. We see them as challenges and tests of our technological capacities and human skills.


The quality of our products and processes are paramount to us. In our production, all workshops use multi-level quality control systems including initial, inter-operation, inter-centre and final inspection.


Why not become an Eccotarp distributor?
Our business strategy
The business team of Metal Arsenal is building a network of active contractual distributors operating in particular in the following areas:

In each of the countries we are working with the contractual distributors. Metal Arsenal deals with requests and orders received from end users by going through distributors only.
We have a constantly expanding network of distributors and we provide them with business and marketing support for active sales, presentations of products to customers and high-quality service in distributing Eccotarp products.
The current market is marked on the map showing national markets. If you are interested in business cooperation or interested in purchasing our products, please contact our sales team on info@eccotarp.com and we will contact you immediately.