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Collapsible spill bund DECON

Collapsible spill decontamination bund DECON specially designed to meet the requirements of emergency and rescue units for decontamination of individuals or equipment, as well as for catchment of hazardous materials in case of spills or other environmental disasters. The flexible structure of the decontamination bund enables use in any terrain including hard-to-reach places. The dimensions of the berm are optimised for decontamination of a standard individual with the outstretched arms.

Main advantage


  • Optimised dimension 2 × 2 × 0.2 m
  • Quick assembly in any terrain
  • Flexible structure enables use in areas with various barriers
  • Easy handling thanks to side handles
  • Side supports to ensure higher stability
  • Possibility of adding of drain hole D25 for easier removal of contaminated materials by pumping or draining

Technical details

The Collapsible Spill Decontamination Bund DECON is self-supporting, made from thick fabric with a protective proofing layer (PES/PVC 680 g/m²). The material is resistant to decontamination chemicals, oil products and acids (see Chemical resistance certificate). Stability is ensured by means of added side supports. Side handles are attached for easy handling. The decontamination bund is equipped with a drain hole D25 with a cover flap to drain the berm without using of a submersible pump. Thanks to this the berm can be used for decontamination as well as a standard spill bund if needed.
The temperature range for using the berm is from -30 °C to +70 °C.
The bag is a standard part of the product.
Optional accessories: protective pad and special liner for prolonging the durability of the spill bund.


Fire brigade