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Collapsible container for quenching and cooling electric cars

The design and dimensions of the container are specially developed for quenching and cooling
electric cars and hybrid cars by flooding them with water for the necessary time. Cooling the lower part of the car, where the traction batteries are located, reliably prevents the car‘s battery from reigniting and causing another fire.

Main advantage


  • Flooding the battery of an electric car and preventing it from sparking 
  • Folding design – takes up minimal space in transport condition – easy transport 
  • Quick assembly in the field within 5 minutes 
  • Easy handling 
  • Easy to push the car into the container space through the folded side of the tank 
  • Suitable for storing electric vehicle wrecks 
  • Made of chemically resistant selfextinguishing material 
  • Equipped with a drain hole with a plug for easy filling or drainage of contaminated water – part of the solution 
  • Dimensional variants according to the customer‘s wishes 
  • Ball valve – to order

Technical details

A stronger plastic-coated fabric with a special self-extinguishing surface treatment, reinforced with polyethylene fabric (PES/PVC 900 g/m²) was used during production. The material used is resistant to dangerous substances (see the Chemical resistance certificate in the relevant chapter at the end of the catalogue). The outer 3-part folding side supports are made of galvanized, alternatively stainless steel. To construct the container, the supports in the lower part are anchored with a special lock. The upright position of the support is ensured by sliding its upper part under the stabilizing tape located at the appropriate places around the perimeter of the container. The collapsible structure enables transport in a fire engine or trailer and subsequent quick assembly of the container in the field. The container can also be available in a disassembled state at special places designated for the storage of discarded electric cars, where it can be immediately assembled, filled with water and used if necessary.

The temperature range of use of the container is from -30 °C to +70 °C. Containers can be supplied in various sizes and volumes. The standard size of the tank is 6 000 × 3 000 × 850 mm. The container is equipped with a drain hole B75 as standard. To ensure the longevity of the product, always use a protective pad under the bottom of the container and inner pad, which are a necessary part of the product.


Fire brigade
Transport & Logistics
Liquidation of Accidents