Industrial Folding Funnel IFF

Serves as a mobile funnel for use in hard to reach places. Especially suitable for capturing liquid from ruptured pipes. It can be used by itself or hung on the folding stand. Hanging on the folding stand is quick and easy.

Main advantage


  • Portable, foldable, light
  • 4 extension corners for hanging the funnel
  • Applicable by itself or hung on the folding stand
  • Easy maintenance
  • Competitive price

Technical details

Material PES, PVC surface, color red (other colors on request with surcharge). It is resistant to technical liquids, chemicals and all petroleum based products such as heating oil, diesel, hydraulic oil, gasoline, etc. (see Chemical resistance certificate in the relevant chapter at the end of catalogue). C52 aluminium coupling is standard. Stainless steel or brass version of coupling is for a fee.


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