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Magnetic Drain Cover MDC

A simple, lightweight, space-saving and re-usable product designed to protect sewers and drains from leaks of hazardous liquids and prevent damage to the environment.


  • Flexible, lightweight, space-saving
  • Reusability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Competitive price

Technical details

Physical properties of the material: Isotropic magnetic film with permanent magnetic properties. Maximum pressure 0,1 lb/in, thickness 0,03 ±0,04 in, colour black, temperature span from -4 °F to +176 °F (low temperatures can adversely influence the material’s flexibility). MDC is resistant to the effects of weather conditions and oil-based products, dilute acids and alkalis. The magnetic film has permanent magnetic properties. If correctly stored, the film can remain magnetic for a very long time.
The recommendation is to store this product at room temperature and use the space-saving wall-mounted storage rack. This allows for speedy deployment in an emergency.

Recommended accessories: Wall-mounted storage rack: 24 × 24 × 0,02 in zinc coated metal sheet with 4 wall plugs.

Before placing the Magnetic Drain Cover on a drain ensure the upper surface of the drain is free of dirt. It is highly efficient when applied to flat and smooth surfaces (on industrial premises, roads and the like). Its adhesion to the ground is reinforced by the hydrostatic pressure of the trapped liquid above it. The MDC performs particularly well when the liquid above it is deep, even when the ground nearby is uneven. Due to the hydrostatic pressure and specific properties of the Drain Cover its adhesion increases in proportion to the depth of liquid contained by it. On the other hand its efficiency is reduced at locations where the drain cover is not on the same level as its close surroundings (caved-in drain shaft, uneven or bumpy ground very close to the drain). The recommended overlap of the magnetic film at the edges of the drain opening is about 2–4 in.


Fire brigade
Transport & Logistics
Liquidation of Accidents