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Frequently asked questions

The main difference is that the red bund has sealed corners, what makes it very easy to assemble it. When one side of the bund has been erected, the others are raised through action of the pulling force. The sides are provided with yellow hooks used to secure the corners. Handling belts end with metal hooks. The Cargo blue bunds are intended particularly for use in industry and transport, have no sealed corners (when unfolded, the bund is just a flat tarp) and exist in with/without manipulative handles variant. Like the red bunds, the corners are fastened by the yellow hooks.

The variant “Shallow” is our most recent product sized 124×84 cm and only 7 cm high; this is also why the bund is called shallow. It means that the bund is perfectly suitable for use in hard-to-get-at areas, especially in low narrow spaces.

Yes, the bunds are rigid and self-supporting thanks to reinforcements in the side walls. It is not needed to use other stiffening supports.

Yes, the maximum permissible weight is actually 200 kg. It is given by the firmness of the reinforcements, belts and snap-hooks.

The load-carrying capacity of the blue bunds is not limited. The blue Cargo bunds are suitable for handling pallets loaded with drums, cans and IBC containers using pallet-poolers or forklifts.

Obecně popruhy/úchyty slouží k manipulaci s vanou – manuálně nebo pomocí vysokozdvižného vozíku. Popruhy navíc zamezují průhybu bočních stran při maximálním naplnění vany.

Apparently, the underside may be damaged when handling the bund in its filled state. For example, when pushing or dragging a filled bund across gravel or sharp objects on the ground. In such cases, we recommend using the yellow pad, which considerably prolongs the durability of the bund (delivered as accessory).

This depends on corrosiveness of the material. Three compatibility levels are defined. A – resistant; B – resistant for up to 3 hours; C – not resistant. These products are not intended for long-term storage of chemical or oil substances; their primary purpose is to capture and collect leaking substances for the time needed before the final appropriate disposal of the liquid.

When used and maintained properly the spill bund has a lifespan of about 10 years. The first signs of changes in colour (a slight bleaching) appear after 5 years. This fading is only noticeable in direct comparison with a new fabric.

All commonly used and available sorbents (sorbents based on dried hydrophobized peat, polyurethane sorbents, etc.) may be used for the sorbent dispenser cart (SDC). The even spread and density of sorbent can be assured by moving the rear slide plate. The width of spreading is up to 40 cm.

The cart is collapsible, and thus also the height of the handle can be easily adjusted using screws.

The funnel has 4 lugs intended for handling; using the lugs, the funnel can be hung, fastened, or carrying straps can be pulled through the lugs and fastened where needed. For using on the stand, the funnel is also provided with 4 eyes to be fixed on the hook of the stand.

The funnel stand is collapsible and its height can be adjusted as the stand is provided with telescopic legs. The height is between 87 and 150 cm. It enables the leaning of the stand that can be also adjusted.

The aluminium coupling C-52 for connecting a hose is a standard part of the kit. As an optional extra it can be made of stainless steel or brass.

The volume of the funnel is 140 l, dimensions 79×79 cm. We also offer a 30×30 cm funnel with the volume of 10 l. This small funnel is not designed for use on a stand; it should be fastened by its handles. It is provided with a smaller coupling D25.

The magnetic drain cover (MDC) is resistant to oil-based substances, lyes, and acids in general. For more detailed information see the Chemical resistance certificate.

The foil used to produce the cover is supplied in rolls 1 m wide and 10 m long. We can thus produce any dimension allowed by the roll dimensions.

Of course, you may also order round covers; please send us your required dimensions.

The drain cover is used especially to contain the “initial surge“ of leaked liquid. Imagine the following situation: a car with its tank broken, petrol is flowing out freely onto the road and threatens to enter a nearby drain; the only thing to do is to put the MDC onto the drain. Any gross impurities should only be cleared mechanically from the drain.

Logically not! Only by its own weight when put on the drain; but the cover will be drifted away with the first wave.

If the drain is sunk in the road or otherwise poorly placed, we recommend using a smaller cover that will actually cover only the metal body of the drain; if larger, the corners of the cover might be raised and the cover would not work as it should.

Little frost causes no problems. The material of the cover is resistant up to -15 degrees of Celsius; the only thing is that the cover should be handled with care given that the material stiffens and becomes more fragile and thus also more prone to tears and damage.

Yes, the cover may be stored rolled up; however, the lower the temperature in winter, the more difficult it is for the cover to return to its original shape. The covers can be best stored on a steel wall holding plate, which is supplied as an optional accessory, and/or unrolled in the horizontal position.

The cover has no effect given that the holding force of every cover is 52 g/cm². The effects of this force are sufficiently isolated by the plastic packing material and paper cardboard box. The cover exerts no influence on any control or guidance devices. The magnetic field does not increase with higher quantity of transported covers.

The emergency container was developed for fast collection of waste resulting from breakdowns and accidents. It is small and immediately ready for use. Moreover it is cheap so you won't regret throwing it together with the waste.

This drain cover is unique in usage on all types of drains – even those with side gate. It is foldable and reusable. Additionally drain covers can easily overlap with each other, so they can cover any length of drains.