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Large Surface Folding Pool LARGE

The Drive Through & Over Spill Berm LARGE is primarily designed as a mobile environmental protection device especially suitable for quick response to accidents wherever the environment is threatened by leaks of hazardous substances into soil and/or water. It functions as a portable reservoir for hygienic and decontamination purposes. It has proved to be very efficient in preventing leaks of oil and oil-based products or chemicals in industry, by removing spilt fuel, decontaminating and cleaning vehicles of all types.

Main advantage


  • Packed construction takes minimal space
  • Simple and quick unfolding
  • Easy to drive in
  • The unique patented design
  • Protective pad and under-wheel tracks are standard accesories
  • Production of other dimensions is available according to individual customer´s requirements
  • Possibility of adding of drain hole and ball valve

Technical details

Unlike standard products the pool is made of thick PVC fabric with a special protective proofing. The fabric itself is proofed with polyethylene (PES/PVC 900 g/m²) resistant to the effects of industrial fluids, chemicals, hydraulic lubricants and all oil and oil-based products such as fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, etc. Transport bag, under-wheel tracks and protective pad are standard part of the product.


Fire brigade
Transport & Logistics
Liquidation of Accidents