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Collapsible spill berm UNIQUE

The Collapsible spill berm UNIQUE is specially designed for containing leaking hazardous substances in industrial halls. Thanks to its simple structure, which can be assembled in two steps, and the wide range of materials from which it can be made, it is suitable for any environment. It can be placed under tanks with chemical substances, containers, pipes, barrels, etc. It can also be used as a spill berm for decontamination of machinery and vehicles.

Main advantage


Technical details

The collapsible spill berm UNIQUE is made from a durable industrial textiles with a special surface finish of different degrees of fire and mechanical resistance. The outer wall supports around the entire perimeter of the berm are fitted with a special Quick-Lock and are made from durable stainless steel (or galvanized steel). They consist of a removable stabilizing part (rigid variant and / or collapsible variant) and a part which is an integral part of the upper edge of the berm and is equipped with the above-mentioned simple Quick-Lock into which the support is easily anchored. Thanks to this principle, the berm is quickly assembled in only two steps – unfolding the tarp and fixing the wall supports. 

The ridig wall supports are preferably mounted under the bottom of the berm. The advantage is that, if desired, the design of the brackets´ locks allows the bracket to be mounted away from the berm, for example, if a pallet or other object is placed close to the inner edge of the berm. 

The use and assembly of the collapsible variant of the wall support is fast and enables future controlled tilting of the side of the berm, e.g. due to the need to drive into the space of the berm with a forklift. The design of the support allows it to be driven over by a forklift without damaging the berm or the support.

ATTENTION! If several rigid wall supports are installed one behind the other from the berm, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the berm by loading or otherwise anchoring it to the floor. If necessary, the berm can be fitted with a drain hole and a ball valve. A bag for the berm can be provided on request.

The spill berm UNIQUE can be made according to customer´s requirements. He can specify not only the size, but after professional consultation with the sales department, also the type and colour of the material from which the berm is to be made, so that it can be used in a specific environment (industrial production halls, industrial warehouses, etc.).